Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Moderate Islamist Party Set to Win Tunisian Vote
Tunisia's moderate Islamist Nahda Party appears set for a decisive victory in the country's elections for a constituent assembly

-- snip --

If official results, which may be released as early as Tuesday, support those results, it would be a substantially better showing for the Islamists than many predicted. The center-left Tekatil Party and a party lead by a leading human-rights activist, the Congress Party for the Republic, looked set to come in second and third. The party most predicted to place second, the staunchly secular Progressive Democratic Party and Nahda's most outspoken critics, did far worse than expected.

So is it good news that they are moderate or bad news that they are Islamist? Hasn't the history of Islamic parties been that the moderates eventually get swept aside into the dustbin of history?

Plus can there really be a moderate Islamist party?

Questions, questions ....