Tuesday, October 25, 2011

China jails former officials for leaking data

The two men leaked data on gross domestic product, consumer prices and money supply to securities industry employees between June 2009 and January 2011, an official with China's top prosecutorial body told a news conference on Monday.

-- snip --

"The leaking of national macroeconomic data harms economic operations, prevents fair market competition and affects government credibility, thereby causing heavy losses to the interests of the country, society and individuals," said Li Zhongcheng, deputy director general of the Procuratorial Department of Dereliction of Duty and Infringement on Citizen's Rights, which polices misconduct among bureaucrats.
(emphasis mine)

While transparency is worshiped in West, such basic data as "gross domestic product, consumer prices and money supply" are national secrets. For chrissake!!

It's almost as if the ruling Chinese communists take their economy to be a weapon of war.