Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Scoundrels looking out for other scoundrels- Russia tries to block report on Iran nukes

Plus this-

Since the beginning of the last decade, Iran has played Western diplomats for fools with Russian assistance. Every effort to reach out to Tehran, including the Bush administration’s try at outsourcing diplomacy via France and Germany and Barack Obama’s celebrated and disastrous “engagement” policy has been a failure, though not from lack of Western effort. The Iranians, with Russia standing by as their helpful partner, have become experts at stringing along American and European envoys with proposals about stopping their nuclear plans or rendering it harmless. But every time even one of these largely symbolic measures gets close to fruition, the ayatollahs back away.

Note that this is very much against the media narrative of West itching to bomb Iran. If fools were to vanish from the media offices and the universities, only janitors would be left. And they very likely would do a better job.