Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rahul Gandhi compared to the Spice Girls and Anna Kournikova.
No, it's not a compliment.

Plus this-
If there is one party to be held responsible for damaging the aspirations of a free India it has to be the Congress. Why? Because for most part it was Congress that was dividing the nation at every single opportunity. The two Indias, which is RG’s pet theory, is a creation of his own party. What does it say about a two bit man-child who runs off to some European location to celebrate his birthday? If anyone has to introspect it has to be the Congress and not the people. In July 2011 RG is reported to have stated that “UP is being run by Dalals”. Hmm! Who’s running the Congress?
(emphasis mine)

I have no idea!

I'm afraid the clueless boy-king is going to become another in an unending line of clueless prime ministers. When will the nightmare end?