Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dog bites man - Michael Moore lies.

OWS Supporter Michael Moore Lies on National Television About His Wealth: No I'm Not Worth Millions

When in fact-

  According to our friends at Celebrity Net Worth, Moore's fortune currently totals $50 million:
Fahrenheit 911 raked in $230 million in theaters and another $3 million in DVD sales. After the theaters take their traditional 50% cut, that leaves roughly $130 million. Take away marketing, production and distribution expenses and Moore is conservatively left with $80 million. Moore was able to secure a deal from Miramax which guaranteed him 27% of his film’s net revenues, or roughly $21.6 million. Michael also was entitled to 50% of the profits of Sicko which are estimated to be $17 million.

Moore wants to dress and act as if he's just a regular guy part of the 99 percenters, but he is every bit a multimillionaire doing everything in his power to make more money for himself.
He invests his fortune in stocks - including the Left's most-hated company Halliburton! - and isn't pro-union when it comes to managing his own business.

Liar, liar, huge pants on fire!


Stew Serendra said...

I hope the claims here can be verified. Otherwise, it's just another one of those man bites dog kind of fanfare. personal injury lawyer toronto