Monday, October 24, 2011

Liberal columnist Michael Tomasky asks -
Is (Herman)Cain not that bright?

He gets a response in the comments(by hound)-
on Cains brightness
- bachelors degrees in mathematics, masters in computer Science
- he was actually a rocket scientist, he computed missile trajectories for the Navy
- VP of Data systems for Pillsbury
this was before he was 35
after 35
- in 3 years he toook 400 of Burger Kings poorest performing restuarants and transformed them into the best performing in the nation
- in 14 months he transformed Godfathers from near bankruptcy to a prefit making chain
- Chairman of the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank.

those are only some of his achievements, compare that to Barrack Obama's

Mr Tomasky is berating Cain on the fact he is not a professional politician as Obama is. To me that is a big plus, not a negative.

Yes, what exactly are Obama's achievements? Apart from writing successful books - about himself!

A better question is -
Are Tomasky and the hordes of other Obamabots in the media bright?

And am I bright to pose such a question when the answer is obvious?
As stupid as asking if Barkha Dutt is bright.