Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Either it is the deathwish that comes to political parties when they are in power for long or the absence of Sonia Gandhi owing to her illness is showing-

Congress seems to be totally at sea when it comes to dealing with Anna Hazare on corruption. After the ham-handed handling of Ramdevbaba affair in June, one would have thought the party has learnt its lessons. Apparently, it has not. On the contrary, it seems even more adrift now than before.

It is a simple fact that situations like these have to be dealt with politically. They cannot be mastered by nuanced argument or through debate hall tactics. Clearly, there is nobody doing political thinking in India's Grand Old Party or the ones capable of it are not in charge. Whoever thought of unleashing the party's bulldogs on Anna just before he is to begin his fast has obviously lost his marbles. That is just not the way. Is it just a coincidence that all three persons engaging Anna - P Chidambaram, Kapil Sibal and Manish Tewari-are lawyers? They appear to be fighting a court case rather than negotiate a political crisis.

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UPA govt's tyranny will make Anna's movement stronger-

I remember saying more than once that one can’t trust this government when it promises that it will work together with the civil society on a credible Lokpal bill. Why? Because this government has far too many people who are smart alec and think they are the ultimate spin doctors around. All this could have been OK in the pre 24 x 7 TV era, or before the social media gained in size and influence. More importantly, it is the social media crowd that these smart alec kinds target with their irritating remarks, so it was natural that they were torn apart in no time.

The way the government has acted past two days shows desperation creeping in. While one can understand that the Independence Day was round the corner our country is genuinely living under constant terror threat, but this is stupid. Honestly, how can anyone say that the protest has to be over in three days and that no more than 50 cars should assemble? This is a mass protest, for God’s sake.

The Royal (Gandhi) family only approves of 'mass' movements run by it's own political machine.
Prashant Bhushan of Team Hazare(most of whom are in detention now) says-
Delhi Police a Puppet in Central Govt's Hands: Bhushan

But wait, the head of the government is himself reputed to be a puppet of a certain royal family.

That makes Delhi police the puppet of a puppet. Or, a second hand puppet.
Personally, I think they are rather 3rd degree lapdogs.

The Big Brother is getting bigger

The Big Brother is getting bigger-
The Securities and Exchange Board of India has sought powers to seek e-mail and call records from telecom service providers. 

and plans to grow and grow-
Though getting call records from the phone service providers may not be difficult, tracking e-mail records could be. Most e-mail service providers such as Google, Yahoo, Hotmail have their servers based outside India. Even security agencies have been trying to get access to these services in vain. 

Thank God for Internet. But wait, didn't Obama in his most esteemed wisdom hand over the keys of the Internet to that den of corruptocrats known as the UN? How long before UN sets up a panel to choke regulate online freedom?
Thanks 'Bam.

Son of emergency is here

And brought to you by the same Royal family -the God like Gandhis(at least in their own humble opinion)- that couldn't tolerate to be challenged the last time.
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Anna Hazare arrested from house

Some 15 police officials ask Hazare to not come out of the flat. Hazare says no and comes out; police promptly arrest him

Team Anna calls for mass protest on Wednesday

Asks govt. employees to take mass leave, wear black armbands

Thousands detained


Centre has no role in Anna's arrest: Ambika Soni
Ambika Soni -one of Sanjay Gandhi's coterie of 'pretty' women during Emergency

India is such a mature democracy that one of the notorious Emergency 'babes' is now the Information minister!
I suppose throttling free speech gives one great practice for running the information ministry and it's propaganda channels. This is the true Congress heritage.

As an aside why does one need an Information ministry anyway? Not to advance the free flow of ideas but to control them.