Tuesday, August 16, 2011

UPA govt's tyranny will make Anna's movement stronger-

I remember saying more than once that one can’t trust this government when it promises that it will work together with the civil society on a credible Lokpal bill. Why? Because this government has far too many people who are smart alec and think they are the ultimate spin doctors around. All this could have been OK in the pre 24 x 7 TV era, or before the social media gained in size and influence. More importantly, it is the social media crowd that these smart alec kinds target with their irritating remarks, so it was natural that they were torn apart in no time.

The way the government has acted past two days shows desperation creeping in. While one can understand that the Independence Day was round the corner our country is genuinely living under constant terror threat, but this is stupid. Honestly, how can anyone say that the protest has to be over in three days and that no more than 50 cars should assemble? This is a mass protest, for God’s sake.

The Royal (Gandhi) family only approves of 'mass' movements run by it's own political machine.