Monday, September 20, 2010

Jesters trying to save the clown.

John Nolte-
Obama’s Palace Guards: Desperate Maher, Colbert, Jon Stewart Go All In to Save Dems

Remember when American comedians went after the powerful in an effort to bring them down to earth with the sharp satire of accountability? Today, they appear to only protect the powerful. Well, unless the powerful aren't liberal enough. As things stand now you have the likes of David Letterman and Louis C.K. savaging Sarah Palin's family, SNL terrified to rip Obama with any real zeal, cartoonists proclaiming President Teleprompter too cool to mock, and Will Ferrell films flaking for corrupt public unions, all in an effort to protect the corrupted leftist elitists currently holding power.

In desperate Hail Mary moves to protect Obama and Democrats from what's looking like a November rout, three of the left's most beloved Palace Guards have just upped their game considerably.

Yes, that sums it up - the joker in the White House is being defended by comedians.

Read it all.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Kiss and gargle

Whoopi Goldberg to Ground Zero Mosque Protesters: 'Kiss My Butt'

Kiss my ass

Do so if you must, just don't forget to use a strong mouthwash afterwards. Really strong.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Proving Nehru evil

Sauvik Chakraverti gave it a try in 2003 in the pages of the Times of India-

It is very easy to prove that the great Jawaharlal Nehru, our first prime minister, who founded a democratic dynasty that still lives on, was an evil man. My logic is based on the writings of Frederic Bastiat.


In which case, let us now take a close look at the Nehruvian legacy: What did this socialist dynasty encourage? It will be instantaneously obvious to anyone who remembers those hard socialist times that this dynasty stifled enterprise and promoted plunder. Nehru put in place what Rajaji called the 'licence-permit-quota raj': he fettered enterprise in every possible way so babus could plunder entrepreneurs. He encouraged bright young people to join his public enterprises, which were funded by looting the taxpayer. His daughter even went on a nationalising spree, the effects of which are still with us. In her heydays, the only jobs available were under the state. Young people were not encouraged towards enterprise; they were encouraged to join the state and plunder the people.


The history books tell us that Nehru fought for freedom. But are Indians free today? We are ranked 122 in the World Economic Freedom Index, 2002. We are still, after 10 years of this voodoo liberalisation, an economically repressed nation. Our natural ability to trade, to 'truck, barter and exchange' — a gift which every Indian child is blessed with in abundance — is still not allowed to flourish, and free trade is still a distant dream. Currency controls, trade res-trictions, high tariffs and continued licensing hinder our ability to generate wealth for ourselves. And they encourage a 'rent-seeking society' which the personnel of the state, under the Nehruvian system, have become.


The country is in a horrible state. Corruption rules the roost everywhere. Every city is dying. Every town is decrepit. Evil ideologies hold sway.

(emphasis mine)

Hard hitting, no? But no harder than the average Indian has been hit by, nay crushed under the wheels of the brutal Nehruvian state.

I also highly recommend his blog ANTIDOTE.

Truth leaks out on solar energy

Truth seeps out even when dammed with a ten meter thick block of lies-

The Obama administration has rebuffed climate activist Bill McKibben’s bid for re-installation of a White House solar panel put up by President Jimmy Carter and taken down under President Ronald Reagan

Among standard-issue dissimulations the real reason somehow slipped the lip-
the White House roof was not available for a gesture with very little energy-saving potential

"Really?", asks Henry Payne,
So why are we taxpayers subsidizing 30 percent of the cost of residential solar panel installation with federal tax credits?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Whose hatred is greater -Terry Jones's or Abdel Bari Atwan's?

Was it yesterday or the day before when an obviously peeved Asieh Namdar of CNN had Abdel Bari Atwan,the editor-in-chief of al-Quds al-Arabi, on to denounce pastor Terry Jones? The same Bari Atwan who said "that he would dance in Trafalgar Square if Iranian missiles hit Israel".And he meant nuclear missiles.

But killing a few million Jews -why that's nothing.The real outrage is burning one's own property (Pastor Jones planned to burn his own copies of Koran).

The would be dancer on the graves of the Jews is a favorite at the BBC too.

Yes, sir, this is how morally loathsome the media elites have become.

Do's and don'ts of the postmodern times

Burning Korans -

No, no, no!
(could get you beheaded)

Pissing on Christ-

(could get you an arts grant)

Piss Christ is a 1987 photograph by photographer Andres Serrano. It depicts a small plastic crucifix submerged in a glass of the artist's urine........ Serrano received $15,000 for the work, part of it from the taxpayer-funded National Endowment for the Arts. - Wikipedia

Vir Sanghvi parades his prejudices

In a column about prejudices of all and sundry, the heavyweight(pun intended) of Indian media Vir Sanghvi does not shy away from parading his own-

"The real reason why we are so horrified by Terry Jones’ prejudice and venom is because we believe that somehow, Americans will be different. It is all right for some mad mullah on the West Bank to bless suicide bombers, we say, but how can an American pastor go on television and exhibit such prejudice and ignorance?

In doing so, we vastly over-estimate American sensibilities. It is tempting to see America through the refined prism of the East Coast establishment or savvy Hollywood film-makers. But far away from these global advertisements for American culture lies the heartland, a dark underbelly of foolishness and insularity.

Indians are always shocked to discover that nearly 75 per cent of Americans do not have passports. It is not as though they cannot afford to travel abroad. They simply don’t want to because they have no interest in the world beyond their borders. They regard it as mysterious and uncivilised."

So your prejudices against the decent folk of the American heartland are alright, Mr.Sanghvi?

As if on cue, Janet Daley had an article in The Telegraph the same day that had something to say about people like Sanghvi-
One publicity-crazed loony threatens to commit an irresponsibly offensive act, to the virtually universal disgust of his own countrymen and the populations of America’s allies, and that’s it: the annihilation of any chance of bridge-building or conciliation between Muslim countries and the Western nations.

That this absurdity became the immediately accepted received wisdom suggests that the world (and not just the Muslim parts of it) must be very eager indeed to find a plausible excuse for casting America as a cartoon country whose heartland is dominated by bigoted know-nothings.

Sanghvi had earlier distinguished himself by running the Hindustan Times as a New York Times' clone -with all the biases included.There's a shared ideology, a very broad consensus shared across the world by the ruling and media elites.That is why Sanghvi and his ilk(e.g. Barkha Dutt) are comfortable with "the refined prism of the East Coast establishment or savvy Hollywood film-makers" but not with the ignorant "rednecks", the pilloried conservatives or the dreaded neocons. That is why newsrooms across the globe(and certainly at the Hindustan Times) drooled over an Obama victory and sicced their attack dogs on Sarah Palin.

Note -
I left the following comment at Sanghvi's post. It has not yet been published(after approx.24hrs)-
Janet Daley, by coincidence, has an article today that seems to fit you well, Mr.Sanghvi. She speaks of people who-
"must be very eager indeed to find a plausible excuse for casting America as a cartoon country whose heartland is dominated by bigoted know-nothings."

That would be you, sir. Do read it all-

From the LNC Quote Shop

John T. Bennett-

Our scholarly president has explained all we need to know about Islam. Our president tells us that terrorists have “distorted Islam and falsely used the banner of Islam to engage in their destructive acts.”

If Obama the theologian is right, and he has to be or else we’re racist, then that means the ground zero mosque Imam has distorted Islam!
The Imam claims that if we don’t build the Islamic victory community center, “anger will explode in the Muslim world.” How dare the Imam explicitly state that Muslims will behave violently for political ends!? That sounds like bigotry to me! Real Muslims would not “explode in anger”, so the Imam is just distorting Islam. He may even be turning against Muslims if he’s willing to make those terrible inferences about the religion of peace. The President warned us about people like him.

I’m so glad we have a scholarly president who can explain to us what is going on in the minds of people who call themselves Muslim. That helps me understand group behavior.

There's more. Do read it all.

Bad luck, guys

I'm still alive!