Tuesday, September 14, 2010

From the LNC Quote Shop

John T. Bennett-

Our scholarly president has explained all we need to know about Islam. Our president tells us that terrorists have “distorted Islam and falsely used the banner of Islam to engage in their destructive acts.”

If Obama the theologian is right, and he has to be or else we’re racist, then that means the ground zero mosque Imam has distorted Islam! http://archives.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/1009/08/lkl.01.html
The Imam claims that if we don’t build the Islamic victory community center, “anger will explode in the Muslim world.” How dare the Imam explicitly state that Muslims will behave violently for political ends!? That sounds like bigotry to me! Real Muslims would not “explode in anger”, so the Imam is just distorting Islam. He may even be turning against Muslims if he’s willing to make those terrible inferences about the religion of peace. The President warned us about people like him.

I’m so glad we have a scholarly president who can explain to us what is going on in the minds of people who call themselves Muslim. That helps me understand group behavior.

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