Monday, October 24, 2011

Top news

Top News is going to be a running section here. This shall be about that which is highlighted at the top of this page but in more detail than is possible there.

The first Top News is about the continuing "Green" energy fail. Why the scary quotes around green? When something kills and creates general misery, the scary quotes are the least of the opprobrium it deserves.

Green taxes now killing more Brits per year than car crashes

Patrick Michaels on the fool's rush for the "Green" energy-

Our friends in the U.K. and Europe are especially green.  Just hop off the plane in London and pick up the papers.  Global warming is everywhere, and, for decades, the religion’s been that carbon dioxide reductions are fine, virtuous, and they’re going to make everyone rich. I have a social security system I would like to sell them.

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At the same time, consumers got an extra bill to support wind farms that, because of the inconstancy of the wind, operate at 25% of their capacity (figure from the British Wind Energy Association) or 8% (according to E.on, a large operator of UK wind farms).

Guess what?  Electricity prices have gone through the roof.  The average U.K. household bill is a tad under $200 per month, and so the thermostat goes down.  It’s pretty chilly there for much of the year, and a cold house has consequences.  A study just came out today on the health costs of what they call “fuel poverty”, commissioned by the Energy and Climate Change Secretary (don’t we need one of  those?), Chris Huhne.  Bottom line:   the chill from green taxes is now killing more Brits per year than car crashes.

London has suddenly awoken to the costs of indiscriminate greenness and is proposing to reduce the solar subsidies and — this is big — now threatens the multibillion dollar subsidies for its massive (and massively ugly) wind power scam.
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Do read the whole thing.

And speaking of car crashes, Sauvik Chakraverti points out the State failure on road accidents in his usual mild way (Fuck The Indian Police, And Fuck Chidambaram, Too - For Gross Dereliction Of Duty)

It's official! A report by the highways ministry has said that 1,60,000 people are killed on our roads every year, and more than 5,00,000 are injured, most of them seriously. A Times of India news report adds that a Member of the Planning Commission, BK Chaturvedi, estimated that road accidents cost India 1 lakh crore rupees annually - that is, 1,000,000,000,000 rupees.
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Chidambaram (India's Home Minister), to me, seems to be a "house-trained" Police Minister, a puppet in the hands of his officials, all of whom are deeply involved in political skullduggery. The man is effeminate - and thoroughly incompetent. He - and the entire police top brass - need to be taken to task over the FACT that some 1000 people per day are killed or permanently disabled on our fucked-up roads.
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Green and State fail go hand in hand, in fact hand in glove.