Thursday, October 27, 2011

Moral foreign policy, my foot!

Australia, Britain and Canada vs. India, South Africa, Sri Lanka and others on human rights-

A proposal to appoint a Commonwealth human rights commissioner to steer a more proactive rights agenda looks set to test a leaders' summit this week, with host Australia backing the plan but India and South Africa reported to oppose it.

I don't know if the idea of a human rights commissioner is a good idea or not but the the historical view of the developing countries has been that we shall bloody well do what we wish to our subjects, you mind your own business, you Imperialists! And by the way we demand more foreign aid!

Which is exactly what they have done -the ruling elites of the Third World have royally screwed their hapless denizens including here in India while the guilt ridden West often meekly looked away. And when it dared to whimper, what it received was a barrage of indignant macho lectures from the two bit Third World leaders and intellectuals.

Thus, as America in particular and the West in general were excoriated in such gaseous chambers as NAM (Non Aligned Movement)summits, nobody bothered that among the ranks were such distinguished butchers as Mugabe, Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi or Castro. That they slaughtered their own people and in large numbers didn't matter to the anti-imperialist crowd, other wise ultra-prickly about any perceived insult from the West.

This, laughably, was known as India's 'moral'and 'principled' foreign policy!

Moral, my foot!