Monday, January 4, 2010

Making Samar Halarnkar suffer a little more

I had earlier left a comment at Carbon Footprint, a Hindustan Times blog by the resident alarmist Samar Halarnkar. To which he had replied-
Samar Halarnkar Says:
December 23rd, 2009 at 8:33 pm

Er, I don’t really get your point. This isn’t a newspaper. it’s a blog. It has a point of view because it is meant to have one. The newspaper reports didn’t take any sides, just brought to you the nitty gritties of what happened in Copenhagen. As you suffered me, I suffer you. :-) cheers

My riposte is the following two comments left at the same blog post-

I mainly meant your 'reports' in the HT.They are not blog, are they?

"The newspaper reports didn’t take any sides" -nice try at humor.Better luck next time.

I suppose it is the destiny of a newspaper man to suffer his readers -tells us much about the attitude.

By the way, why all quiet on the climate change front? You and Chetan Chauhan been very quiet these last few days -no screaming 'reports' on a world dying of human sins. As they say in Spanish -¿QuĂ© Pasa? Planet not in peril anymore?

You must scaremonger soon -I find this tongue-tiedness creepy. It's not you.

By the way I congratulate your paper on not suppressing this study-

Gives a hint to how much the computer models on which the global warming alarmism is based get it wrong.

I hope the new year brings you happiness and wisdom.


Oh! forgot to mention -

You have been ignoring Pachaurigate( Pachauri's scandalous conflicts of interest) as if he were the mayor of Timbuktu.
Apart from an initial report -very inadequate and leaning towards Pachauri -where are your investigations? Whatever happened to investigative reporting? The conflicts of interest are glaring to even a blind mouse- what about you and your editors?

Why not suck up a little less and ferret a little more? Won't hurt. Just try.

Start here if you wish-

and follow the links. Like I said- won't hurt anything but your sensibilities. And that can be good once in a while.

Note -links added.
     the very first link corrected.

Update 2-
     I'm not a nice person. I just had to rub it in. So I left a third comment!
Sorry to make you suffer just a little more but-

how do you expect to atone for your sin of flying to Copenhagen and back and in the process being responsible for several tons of CO2 emissions?

I apologize if you walked -or took a sailing ship.
What's the matter with me?

Update 3-
         Oh no! I left a fourth comment-
Travel to Coorg?
Isn’ t that more CO2 emissions?

Why can’t the gentleman stay at home and emit less?The planet is dying, isn’t it?

Isn’t it strange that those who shout the loudest about CO2 emissions have an extra large carbon footprint?
Is it too much to expect them to live up to their own ideals?

I'm positively a bastard!