Sunday, January 24, 2010

Prannoy Roy to Pachauri-"Your credibility is impeccable"

In Hindi, a sycophant is called a chamcha. Chamcha is also the Hindi word for spoon. Thus, a common wordplay in India is to call a bootlicker(often in the context of politics) a spoon, say-
X is Minister Y's spoon.
A few days ago I was mildly amused to see perhaps Indian TV's most famous (and perhaps most influential) personality Prannoy Roy of NDTV play a fawning spoon to Rajendra Pachauri.I say 'mildly' because I have come to expect such servility from the MSM- it is their normal mode.Still, it's an amazing example of media's obsequiousness towards Pachauri.No wonder Pachauri gets miffed easily when criticized. He has had it so easy over the years.

Video(Youtube) -Prannoy Roy acts obsequiously towards Rajendra Pachauri
NDTV link

 Roy wanted to be reassured by Pachauri that the glaciers were melting, whatever the expected date of demise(it is true -certainty of disaster does comfort some people. The thought that catastrophic global warming might not be happening can disconcert them.)

The funniest part is Prannoy Roy's concern about 'Global Attack' on Pachauri.He thinks criticizing Pachauri and other alarmists is like finding "reds under the bed", like "cold war".I don't think Roy is very interested in hearing out the critics.
His 'Global Attack' also reminded me of images from all those sci-fi movies-

Listening to Roy one can almost imagine Richard North and other Pachauri critics to be hovering in the sky like Predator drones zapping IPCC scientists.And looking for Dr. Pachauri in particular.

Roy's fawning at the end has to be heard to be believed. He says-
"Your credibility is impeccable.Let's hope you fight back and win and clear your name in all this widespread attack from one side against you."

Roy also didn't think it fit to disclose that his NDTV has been in bed with Pachauri for quite some time-

Rajendra Pachauri with Prannoy Roy- the guru and the spoon

Thank you, Dr.Prannoy Roy, for a seminal lesson in how not to be an unbiased mediaperson.

Update -
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