Monday, January 4, 2010

Who are climate 'skeptics'?

Funny isn't it? In the media the climate 'skeptics' are denigrated,lambasted and most often just plain ignored.Yet how many times does the media tell us what the skeptics believe in or who they are(apart for being tools for Exxon Mobil).It is very Orwellian - the enemy is vilified but never defined.Is it because to define the enemy is to bring the spotlight on what it stands for or against? Perhaps the media believes that the truth is too much for the public to handle.

I believe that truth will set us free -but it can set many global warming carpet-baggers and scamsters in chains.

So who are skeptics, really?

What do the skeptics believe? First, they concur with the believers that the Earth has been warming since the end of a Little Ice Age around 1850. The cause of this warming is the question. Believers think the warming is man-made, while the skeptics believe the warming is natural and contributions from man are minimal and certainly not potentially catastrophic à la Al Gore.

Second, skeptics argue that CO2 is not a pollutant but vital for plant life. Numerous field experiments have confirmed that higher levels of CO2 are positive for agricultural productivity. Furthermore, carbon dioxide is a very minor greenhouse gas. More than 90 percent of the warming from greenhouse gases is caused by water vapor. If you are going to change the temperature of the globe, it must involve water vapor.

Third, and most important, skeptics believe that climate models are grossly overpredicting future warming from rising concentrations of carbon dioxide. We are being told that numerical models that cannot make accurate 5- to 10-day forecasts can be simplified and run forward for 100 years with results so reliable you can impose an economic disaster on the U.S. and the world.

The revelation of Climate­gate occurs at a time when the accuracy of the climate models is being seriously questioned. Over the last decade Earth's temperature has not warmed, yet every model (there are many) predicted a significant increase in global temperatures for that time period. If the climate models cannot get it right for the past 10 years, why should we trust them for the next century?