Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pachauri refuses to appear on a channel critical of him

In contrast to NDTV,which has been behaving as if Pachauri was it's valentine, Times Now TV has a taken a more skeptical approach to Pachauri. They did Amazongate today-

Video(Youtube) -Amazongate has Pachauri cornered
Timesnow Tv link

Very interestingly, the main Times Now anchor Arnab Goswami announced that they had repeatedly asked Pachauri to appear on their channel and had been repeatedly turned down. All this while Pachauri has been so frequent on NDTV that one suspects there's room and bed reserved for him there.

We observe another Pachauri hypocrisy(from a still from the above video)-

Pachauri is escaping media persons and surrounded by security he gets into a......into a ....surely that is either a SUV or a large multi-utility vehicle! No small fuel-efficient compacts for the King of Climate.He is too big for them.