Friday, January 1, 2010

Tharki sickos in the glamor world

Budding model Sakshi answers the question- is there sexual abuse in the world of modeling?
The answer -YES!
Either the producer or the photographer or director and sometimes even makeup man abuses models in different ways. I have seen a model running away from "Greenroom" when the makeup man tried to use his fingers in a different way.

Usually after Photoshoots, models had to share some time with the directors to ensure their next contract. Fashion designers usually catch models while trying new designs. All models had to be cloth less in front of them if you want to come up asa good models.

Just think when popular photo shoots are away from your own country. Its just making sure that the model will stay with the director or who ever want so.

 Photographers,directors,fashion designers,makeup men -just what percentage of them are tharki(horny) sickos?

I wish talent and skill would be the greatest(and most times the only) consideration in any field.Sexual romp at workplace is fine -as long as it is wholly voluntary and someone's job does not depend upon it.Unfortunately, as Sakshi tells us,that is not the case.

But are some girls at least partially complicit? No doubt there are the types who are willing to be groped to get a break or the next big assignment.It is merely the cost of getting work -and opening the door to glamor,riches and adulation.And no doubt there are the types who actually enjoy it -they can manipulate the manipulators.But they make life tough for those who would just like to get ahead on the force of their talent alone.

Intriguingly, Sakshi tells us nothing about her own experiences.


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