Sunday, January 31, 2010

Times of India -spinning so hard that the head muddles

Even as the Hindustan Times' climate alarmism has cooled down(at least for now), the Times of India, India's other major daily, is spinning furiously.These are the fanatics who even as their temple collapses around them will chose not to run but to congregate around the altar and keep chanting the mantra. Their full page hit-piece on skeptics has to be seen to be believed-

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Shobhan Saxena in "On Thin Ice" tries to sound neutral but cannot keep up it up long- it's too hard to play the objective writer so he ends up with-
Experts fear all these controversies may end up sabotaging a possible climate treaty. The key is to try to get a legally binding treaty, securing no more than a two-degree rise in temperature. The problem is we are working in the wrong framework, says Monbiot. Its not likely to improve the situation.
Yes, Shoban, we knew all along where you were coming from.

Then there is an anguished piece by Chidanand Rajghatta lamenting that the noble Obama is being held back by political opponents and lobbyists from imposing that wonderful and magical Cap and Trade on the unwilling citizens.

At the center of the page, the ALL FACT, NO FICTION column is the funniest section, unintentionally of course.It's hard to find a fact here but it has such precious gems as-

FACT 1 | Heat waves rising. The commonest sign of climate change. There have been periods of warming, cooling over the last 5 billion years but the change has never been so extreme


FACT 2 | Shrinking glaciers. At the current rate of warming, all existing glaciers will disappear in the next 100 years
Even after Glaciergate the TOI believes this -amazing! Maybe they never got to the 2350 thing. Anyway, as I said earlier -2035 or 2350, who cares as long as they can cling to their pet narrative.Or maybe climate change has changed the concepts of math -2350 will fall within 100 years. Anything can happen in post-modern science.

FACT 3 | Rising sea level. Has increased by 25cm in last 100 years; will rise 4 times in next 100. Many Pacific islands will disappear

FACT 4 | Wild storms. Occurring more frequently & with higher intensity. Result: Soil moisture will evaporate faster resulting in dryness between rain periods. Dry areas will get drier
 Again wrong!Actually - Global hurricane, cyclonic and major storm activity is near 30-year lows!

BLACK TIDINGS: A Nasa Earth Observatory image shows the spread of black soot (‘black carbon’ to climate scientists) over the Tibetan Plateau from August to November 2009. Places where the air was thick with soot are white, while lower concentrations are transparent purple. On the Tibetan Plateau, temperatures are rising and glaciers are melting faster than climate scientists would expect based on global warming alone. A recent study of ice cores from five Tibetan glaciers by Nasa and Chinese scientists confirmed the likely culprit: rapid increases in black soot concentrations since the 1990s, mostly from air pollution sources over Asia, especially the Indian subcontinent

But wait -doesn't that indicate there are causes and forces apart from CO2 that could and do impact the climate? Even more forcefully than CO2, as in this case? It weakens TOI's own case of AGW. Maybe they didn't realize it, maybe spinning so fast makes one's head turn.Thinking clearly is difficult in such circumstances.

To wrap it up we have standard alarmist fare from Jennifer L Morgan,director, Climate and Energy Program, World Resources Institute, Washington DC. Yes the same World Resources Institute that is an extreme leftist NGO-
Anti-capitalist think tank which is funded with taxpayer dollars

This is as bad as IPCC citing 'research' from WWF publications.

There are people who still live far, far away from civilization, in some deep cave in a remote place. Somehow the TOI manages to find them and gives them large space in it's paper.

        oops! should have mentioned that this is the Sunday Times of India, 31st Jan, Delhi edition.
Update 2- 
        oops! my head must be reeling from all the TOI spin. Corrected the above date from the 30th to the 31st Jan.