Sunday, January 3, 2010

Commenting may be down

The commenting system on this blog is expecting a blackout for a day or two or three.I was satisfied with the commenting services provided by Haloscan - simple, practical and free.However they are now moving to a feature-rich and much more complex platform called "Echo". That is OK with me. What is not OK is that I'm supposed to handover some hard earned money to shift to the new system.

Not in your dreams, buddy!

So this blog shall be moving to a new system -pretty soon I hope.In the meantime your lovingly typed comments may disappear for a while -but don't worry,they are safe.They will come back when the new commenting-thingy is tested and working.

If you wish to leave a comment and are unable to - I apologize in advance.Just email your comment to me and it will get posted when the sun is shining again in a couple of days hopefully.