Sunday, December 20, 2009

My 2nd comment at Carbon Footprint

Just left another comment at Carbon Footprint, a Hindustan Times blog by Samar Halarnkar. My previous comment here.

as a journalist(and not an activist -I say this because the tenor and content of your 'reporting' is indistinguishable from reports put out by environmental organizations), could you have a look at satellite temperatures and see if you can make out runaway global warming?

The satellite measurements are here-
with the conclusion-
"A global warming trend continues to be absent despite the very strong El Nino episode that has been affecting the weather for more than half a year and that may match the 1998 El Nino of the century in the near future."

And could you also look into Pachauri's HUGE, way huge, conflicts of interests as reported in today's Daily Telegraph-

On the one hand,as the chairman of IPCC he has almost godly powers to influence the artificially created carbon markets.On the other, he has his fingers in the carbon pie at umpteen number of funds and organizations.

As the article in the Daily Telegraph put it-
"One subject the talkative Dr Pachauri remains silent on, however, is how much money he is paid for all these important posts, which must run into millions of dollars. Not one of the bodies for which he works publishes his salary or fees, and this notably includes the UN, which refuses to reveal how much we all pay him as one of its most senior officials. "

So much for accountability and transparency.

I know, rich countries are your bugbear but-
could you play the journalist - and not the activist- and investigate Pachauri's affairs?

And I haven't yet asked you to report on climategate- which your newspaper so partisanly dismissed . An event that caused furor in scientific and political circles is not to be dismissed by a newspaper -you know, "news"+paper.Your job is to report-whether you agree on one side of the issue or not.

Your(and your newspaper's) job is to report, not take sides.And even if you do take sides, that cannot be at the expense of blacking out the facts that support the other side. Am I right, Samar?

I hope you will make a start by publishing the incriminating emails.

I write this as a long-suffering reader.

Cheers and regards

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Update -
  Not yet published even after about 20 hrs or so. So I have re-submitted it with the following preface-
Samar, you did not publish my comment -it was neither off-topic nor offensive, unless you consider certain opinions not in line with yours as one. So let me in good faith try again-

Update 2-
    Goodie good - now published.