Monday, December 21, 2009

The heavy artillery of silence

Warmer winters in Delhi, we are told, means -help!we are dying of global warming!

But what about this-

All the experts say the effects of climate change will be felt most in Alaska, home of the ex-governor who contends climate change is no big deal.

Good thing she wasn't in Valdez this week when the citizenry got buried under a record snowfall.
Yes, you read right.
Five feet, 8 inches; over the head of your average American woman

Obama, who escaped grim weather in Copenhagen, arrived to a warm welcome in Washington-

Record snowfall totals were reported Saturday afternoon at Washington Dulles and Reagan National airports -- and snow was still falling. Accumulation at Dulles reached 16 inches, breaking the old record of 10.6 inches set December, 12, 1964; 13.3 inches was reported at Reagan. The old record there was 11.5 inches set December 17, 1932.

Powerline has more images of global warming from Europe-

We 'skeptics' understand that the weather is not climate -unfortunately the greenies and their media-poodles don't. But even here they are dishonest in terms of their own premises.Every warmer than usual event means global warming, but record cold events - well, they are just ignored.Silence is a weapon- a heavy artillery- in this war. And the media uses it all the time.