Friday, December 25, 2009

Lord Monckton: Rajendra Pachauri is going to jail for fraud

"I'm now going to turn that letter over to the Indian Police and I'm going to say that Rajendra Pachauri is a fraudster on one of the biggest scales I've ever seen in the world."

He also said -"He is going to jail for fraud. You heard it here first."

Video -Lord Monckton on ForaTV

The video is from COP15, before the Pachaurigate revelations in the Daily Telegraph.

New comments added-
If Lord Monckton comes to India to file a case of fraud against Pachauri, that would make compelling drama.
But will the Indian government allow it? Pachauri is the cherry on the cream of the Indian elite and the Indian state is a plaything of this elite.
Is Lord Monckton being optimistic? He doesn't know Indian police. It is as independent of its political masters as a shoe on the foot of its owner.
Let's see....

Update -
   Was going to provide a partial transcript but realized that it would take much more time than I'm currently able to put in. My apologies. Just watch the video -it's riveting stuff.

Update 2 - post expanded with some new comments