Friday, December 25, 2009

Europe's old soul makes way for another

The Europe is changing drastically.But it's a reincarnation unlike others -where a soul leaves a body and is born into another.In Europe the body for the time being remains the same but its old soul is leaving making way for another.

In the church in Bellinzona (Ticino), the traditional nativity crib with the Child Jesus, is surrounded by minarets

Switzerland: Minarets in manger, schools respect Muslims

The unusual scene is supposed to make people reflect about brotherhood and human rights, after 57% of the Swiss (and 68% in Ticino) recently voted against minarets on mosques. On the crib are verses from the Bible and the Koran on the topic of water.


The education department in the canton of Zurich adopted new guidelines which take the religious feelings of children of other faiths into account. Activities and songs with religious content, for example those that refer to Jesus as the Son of God, are not allowed. In Islam, Jesus is a prophet but not the Son of God.

What will Europe's new soul do to it? As a libertarian my concern is preservation and expansion of liberties.There I'm not too optimistic about this on-the-spot reincarnation of the continent.


Henry Wood said...

The title "the traditional nativity crib with the Child Jesus, is surrounded by minarets" is an absolute contradiction. First, there were no minarets and *NO* Muslims when Jesus was born. Secondly, let any Christian try to present a traditional crib scene for Christmas in public in a Muslim ruled land and let's then see how peaceful the "religion of peace" (Islam) truly is.
Happy Christmas to all.

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