Friday, December 18, 2009

Looting the West -not in my name

It is the fashion of our times for the leaders of the West to apologize for some real or alleged sin of their forefathers.

Let me stand athwart this fashion. I apologize to the harried tax-payers of the Western countries - I am sorry!

I am truly sorry that my country, India, and it's moronic but venal leaders have ganged up with similar gangsters from other 'developing' nations to pick your pockets, raid your banks, burgle your savings.They intend not only to loot trillions from you in the name of stopping climate change but to enslave you with brutal controls('global regulations').They will make the life blood of your civilization -affordable and plentiful access to energy - prohibitively expensive and scarce.

In this, your own leaders are fully complicit but I cannot apologize for them.You voted them in.I can only declare that history's biggest loot now taking place at Copenhagen, and of which I might be an involuntary (and transient)beneficiary along with other denizens of my country, is -