Saturday, December 26, 2009

Pachauri tries fiction in a new genre

A creative person likes to change tack - even if his earlier formula is hit, a certain ennui sets in.

So with Pachauri. His earlier forays into fiction -IPCC presentations- have been so successful that the West nearly gave away trillions on his word at Copenhagen. But like a true artist, he is now shifting gears-
Tired of RK Pachauri lecturing us on how to save the world from global warming? Well, the man’s coming out with a novel that has nothing to do with climate change. Return to Almora is about a chap caught up in the banalities of his life when his past life comes calling.

The good news - the fiction this time will be admitted and overt.But I do hope Christopher Monckton will write his own novel refuting Pachauri's.

Two men of great imagination- a certain resemblance 
Pachauri and Shakespeare