Friday, December 3, 2010

Looking in the mirror is for others

Over at the Hindustan Times Samar Halarnkar ponders over the dodgy ethics of his many allegedly distinguished media colleagues as exposed in the Radia tapes and gives us this eternal wisdom of the heavens-
It is always hardest to look within and acknowledge one's failings. 

This blog has at various times analyzed and criticized the highly biased "reporting" in this paper by none other than Halarnkar himself. For example see this and this. It was sheer advocacy of an agenda -hardcore environmentalist agenda in this case - that masqueraded as "news" and such is the media world so hermetically sealed in its perceived intellectual superiority and arrogance that neither Halarnkar nor his editors could make out the difference between belief systems and facts. In the few emails and comments we exchanged he simply laughed off all criticism.

I guess media persons do find it hard to look in the mirror. Either that or their mirror is frosted.