Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Postmodern science -science by loot, for loot

We are in the era of postmodern everything. Postmodern art has become banal and predictable  -the next big frontier is the postmodern science . Like everything else postmodern, the postmodern science, its theories, models and 'evidence' always provide 'proof' for the wisdom of dismantling the old, established, oppressive systems of hegemony created long ago by foggy old white men: the free market system.

Thus, the climate science 'proves' that to save the planet we must destroy our economy and go under the jackboot of of an oppressive worldwide green regulatory regime. (If you think that a regime run by the likes of Pachauri and Sunita Narains of this world and their Greenshirts won't be a nightmarish one I wish you a merry continued dreaming on in la-la-land) .

Thus, the medical science 'proves' that the state, or it's wife, must take up more interference in your life to keep you healthy. Left to your own devices you might gorge yourself to death. So what you eat must be approved by the government. Science said so.

Thus, the environmental science(the most postmodern of all 'sciences') 'proves' that for a cleaner world you must cramp your family in a small, unsafe car risking death, pay through your noses and asses for the very expensive 'clean' electricity or shiver in the cold to save bills and give up a million other small and large pleasures and necessities.
Who wants to live in a world run by Sunita Narain? Not me

The postmodern science always calls for greater state control of your  life.

The postmodern science is everywhere. Almost everyday some 'study' 'proves' the need for another regulation.

And of course, the postmodern science calls for more funding of postmodern scientists.
Thus, billions of our hard earned money go to 'researchers', all of whom are incentivised to produce more alarming studies to prove the necessity of more control by the government.

The postmodern science is extremely well-funded.
By loot(tax money).
It calls for loot( more taxes).
We might call it the looter's science.

I'm afraid, like postmodern art, postmodern science is fast becoming banal and predictable too.Before reading the next 1000 page 'scientific' study we already know the conclusion -call for more action by government.

Does anybody know of any 'scientific' study that proves that citizens are best left alone?