Friday, December 3, 2010

Liberty News Central renews

UPDATE - all stuff related to the Typominima template and possible solutions is now posted here-

As you might have noticed, the new look of Liberty News Central blog is here with a new commenting system . Out you greedy pigs of Haloscan/JSKit(keep asking for 40$ !) and in Disqus!

The blog had become creaky and languid with an overloaded and confusing code with trying loading times. I was shopping around for a new blog design - Ok, kidding, a cheapo like me seeks far for free stuff -when I came to this wordpress design Typominima by Blogsessive touted as "clean and beautiful". And they were right - it is damn right gorgeous. Have a look. Happily it had been adapted for Blogger by the talented Vikas Bhargava. My gratitude to him and the coders at Blogsessive.

However for my own purposes the minimal look -while a killer -was simply too inadequate for this blog. A couple of sidebars for all the gadgets and neon signs were indispensable. So there went a few long, wasted days. This is the only 3 column version of Typominima as far as I know. It was widened from a single column of 770px to a three column width of 960px. The central column was reduced to 616 px to keep to this width. Also the usual Blogger stuff that had been left out like comments, labels, timestamp, author name et al was restored. I expect this to be a happy compromise of beauty and utility.

I am not a coding expert so I expect there will be some/plenty bugs and glitches and especially some innocuous(hopefully!) bit of code that has not yet been cleaned up. So far so good though. If you notice anything do let me know.

So GOODBYE old look -

which I loved.

But I love this one more. Welcome!

A note on the comments -
scores of comments left at this blog are currently not visible as Haloscan has been replaced with Disqus. However don't worry, they are not lost in ether- they shall be brought back into the new system soon enough.

Update -
 If you wish to use this template, then download it from here-

Just one condition: do not remove the credits at the very bottom. A lot of effort by multiple persons(who have probably never met!) went into this. Also you will need to replace the header image and a few other things I suppose and if possible host all the images used in this template on your own server.

Update 2-

   Another version of Typominima for Blogger, this time adapted to a magazine or news site look-

Update 3 - 

  if you prefer the single column template but would like to add the missing time stamp, author stamp, labels, post comment link etc then try this-


If you have already customized your Typominima template and would just like to add the missing elements then download the instructions in this text file-

My apologies for the spelling mistakes in the text file. Spell checker was off. How much one has come to depend on such things.

Inspired by Misstaki in the comments and hat tip to Kristen.

Update 4- 

   Update 3 is now redundant. All problems and solutions related to the Typominima template are now neatly posted here.


Libertynewscentral said...

Test comment .....

Mrs W said...

I love this template is it possible to snatch this from you??

libertynewscentral said...

Sure, Mrs W, just send me your mail or email me - contact at the right sidebar bottom.

libertynewscentral said...

Update - download link added. Happy blogging!

piedra said...

I really like this template. but I have a huge problem about the letters. Actually I need; İ ı Ü Ö ç Ç ğ Ğ Ş ş Ä ä letters for headers and other parts of my blog. As you know, some alphabets (like finnish,türkish and german alphabet) include these letters... please help me to fix the template.. thnk you..

piedra said...

hi again :)
I find another problem about followers gadget.. I try to add this gadget but it don't appear , just followers writing and a huge and lovely space. Followers avatars and links , also buttons are not visible... :)

libertynewscentral said...

Strange - when I enable the followers gadget I can perfectly see them. Could you provide some more details like which browser you use etc. Have you tired it in different browsers?

libertynewscentral said...

You are right! Turkish characters are not appearing in the headers and headlines -this is because of the Cufon font replacement system used by this template. There could be a solution -try google; I have to go now, will try to find an answer for you later.

PS -one solution could be to use a different font replacement method. See this-

Will investigate later.

libertynewscentral said...

Ok ,this seems to be the problem - the font used in this template as the replacement for the default font in headers and headlines is TypoSlabserif-Light, which does not seem to have all the characters you need. Which explains the missing alphabets.

Solution - choose an appropriate font that serves your purpose and then use it instead of TypoSlabserif-Light. Then go to
and generate the javascript code for your new font. Replace the code for TypoSlabserif-Light with the new one in the template. The code to be replaced starts with -

* The following copyright notice may not be removed under any circumstances.
* Copyright:
* \251 Manfred Klein 8_03 All rights reserved.

and ends with-


Hope that works for you!

piedra said...

Finally I fixed the template. Thnks for your help I replaced code.. ıts fine now. and follewers gadget working just left or right side of the page. first I had put the followers gadget the bottom of the page but then I tried right side .. so ıts working now.
And I use mozilla but I tried explorer and crome but same.. just working left or right side..

( just one thing; I tried to replace sitename&picture with the header.. but actually, I couldnt the header is top of the page and sitename & picture are next order.. but ı want to replace them. )

thanks again your time and concentration..

Misstaki said...

Hi! Beautiful work and blog you have created here!
Found your page from, and was wondering if I could get your help...

I just opened my blog 2 days ago using this template in 1 column ver. As you may seen in many blog template sites where people leave questions, I cannot get the date/leave comment/posted by (me) at 0:00am etc below the post on the main home page. But I can certainly see that you have got all of that.

Will you be able to help me on what to change on html so that I can make them all visible? Your help is much appreciated!!!

from misstaki (

libertynewscentral said...


template from here-

libertynewscentral said...

Before it gets too confusing -

Instructions for adding the missing post footer elements in the Single column Typominima template for Blogger:

The missing elements include the post comment link, labels, author name, time stamp, various icons(e.g.quick edit) that are standard to a normal Blogger template.

Option 1 -  download the full template which has the missing elements put back in -
             Link -
Option 2 - if you have already customized your Typominima template and would just like to add the missing elements then download the instructions in this text file-

They same as in comments above but without the confusion of code not properly displaying in the comments. And my apologies for the spelling mistakes in the text file. Spell checker was off. How much one has come to depend on such things.

I am adding this info in the main post.

Misstaki said...

Thank you so much!!!! Your instruction was very clear and easy to follow, especially the .txt file was very handy.

I first went for option 2 as I already made a few changes to my template, but couldn't find the similar regions in html. So downloaded option 1 template instead and added my changes again (since there wasn't much I've done anyway).  Worked smoothly and perfectly!!!

I would definitely recommend your template over the original Typominima that's widely available!
Thank you so much for your help!

P.S I also want to show the date/month/year of the entry above the post. Will you be able to show me how to make that visible too? I'm so sorry for asking your advice again.


libertynewscentral said...


glad to know it worked. Will show you how to get the date/month/year back when I get the time later tonight. Cheers.

libertynewscentral said...


see this-

amanda said...

hey there, 

i love this theme, recently downloaded, but i cannot for the life of me seem to center a photo within an entry.

can you help with this? i have tried center tags and i have no problem getting the text after a photo centered, but as you can see, when i use a photo that is not landscape the text is placed on the side of the photo, despite my br tags. can you help me with this? : )

kisa said...

The problem I see in this template is as follows, is configured for English and not Spanish, I mean, there arein Spanish ñ and accents like the word lemon (limón) and put this letter template class that carries no to change the other to leave the accents and the letter ñ, and I like this font, as it could not solocuinar this problem, you know it

thank you very much

kai said...

Hi, May I contact you personally with regards to adjust something on my wordpress? I am currently using typominima. I am not IT savvy. Thank you.

Kamilla Therese said...

Wisit me at my blogg to see :

Kamilla Therese said...

Thank you for the link :0) Added it right away, but now i got your pic... It's really nice, but nothing for my interior blogg... So...How do I remove the pic in the top?? I've tryed to find it in the html code, but I can't... Could you help me?? Please. I do realy realy realy want to use this template!!

libertynewscentral said...

Hi, Kamilla,
to replace the image look for this line:
background: url( no-repeat bottom center

Replace the code in brackets with the web address of your image.

Oh, I see you have managed to do it. Good work. Notice that the inverted crest under the header image is actually part of the image and not the template. You will have to add it in Photoshop or other image editor. If you send me your image I can do it for you.