Friday, December 3, 2010

They fly so that you won't

For several years at the Hindustan Times  Bharti Chaturvedi has been the reliable greenie scold - so predictable that you could almost say aloud her thoughts a second in advance as you read her tedious screed column.

She is/was recently in New York and the denizens of one of the most liberal states of  America did not leave her too pleased-

To further green the city, the mayor Bloomberg has added about or 402 km of bicycle lanes in the last four years. By any standards, it is a fantastic achievement because it encourages cycling and offers one more green option for travel.

But it has been greeted by such protests by car drivers and people in businesses that nearly four km of the lane is actually being removed in Staten Island!

So she does what she does - scolds:
But it seems the Americans won’t make the little adjustments to their lives to help the planet remain healthy. 

But with the greenies "the little adjustments" are a one way bicycle lane. There is no question of Bharti Chaturvedi making these adjustments in her own life, say by not flying off to America in a jet that emits tons of planet killing gases. As with other hypocrites of her kind, she flies so that you won't.

Update -
  missing link to Chaturvedi's article added. My apologies.