Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bush’s job approval now higher than Obama’s

Take that, you lefty boy! And his support chorus in the media and the pundit class!
Notice President George W. Bush’s approval is at 47 percent.
Meanwhile, Gallup also finds President Obama’s current approval is… 45 percent.
For 8 years and more they demonized Bush. And for the last 3 years or so they have assiduously covered Obama's dirty ass (Rev.Wright, Bill Ayers, Rashid Kahlidi, Van Jones ..... a long list). The public after suffering under the idiotship of the "brightest" president ever(almost God) has been getting wiser. The American public at least. Many foreigners still think he is great. Maybe a way could be devised so that Obama can become the president of the world while America gets a replacement who can at least count the number of states in the Union (no, they are not 57 or 58).