Thursday, December 23, 2010

Aam aadmi literally bleeds for Chacha Manmohan S Gandhi

These unlucky fellows, including a small boy, had the misfortune to get into Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's way-

Anil Jain
Sumit Prakash


Or should I say, more accurately, it was Manmohan Singh who got into their way.
 Result -they died.

Do the dead appreciate his speeches?

This man is deadly -

Family blames PM's security for man's death

The family of a 46-year-old man on Monday alleged that he died of a heart attack as he could not be rushed to hospital on time due to blockage of roads to facilitate passage of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's cavalcade.

Anil Jain died in an ambulance near Rajghat when he was being taken to a hospital at around 7:15pm last night.

---- snip - snip -----------------

"We called up the Police Control Room. They did not help us. They kept us asking us where we are. Had we not got stuck in the jam for 15-20 minutes, my father could have been saved," Deepak said.


"When we reached the hospital, the doctor said that even if we had brought him 10-15 minutes earlier, he could have been saved," the victim's son Deepak Jain said.

This is getting to be a serial thing(cue a haunting music from some serial killer flick):
First there was Sumit Prakash-

A 32-yr-old kidney patient lost his life outside the Post Graduate Institute for Medical Education and Research (PGIMER) hospital, Chandigarh, after he was stopped from entering the hospital due to security reasons.

 So what happened-

The Prime Minister was visiting the hospital. The Prime Minister's Office (PMO) has said that the Prime Minister is saddened by the incident and that it has demanded a full report on the incident.

Sure he was saddened. He is a decent man, as our media persons keep chanting. Who can doubt the media chorus? So the politicians/bureaucrats concerned  must have learned a lesson and improved the security procedures after some deep soul searching. Right?
Don't be stupid! They have no soul.

So then came, Aman, an 8 year old boy.The poor boy's crime? Sheer bad luck  -Manmohan Singh was in town that day:

The death of their only son due to roads being blocked for Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's convoy in Kanpur on July 3 has provoked the parents to make a humble appeal to United Progressive Alliance chairperson Sonia Gandhi. Seriously injured and profusely bleeding seven year old Aman was being rushed to Kanpur's Regency Hospital by his parents, when a roadblock on account of the PM's visit disallowed them quick access to the nearby hospital.

Holding the bleeding child in their hands, the parents make fervent appeals to the cops and administrative officials on duty, who refused to use their discretion in order to save his life. Wading through crowded bylanes, when they eventually reached the hospital, Aman had breathed his last. He was declared "brought dead".

The hapless parents were told "perhaps Aman's life could have been saved if you had reached the hospital 10 minutes earlier." Aman's father Tahadud Hussain Khan and mother Usha on Tuesday shot off a letter to Sonia Gandhi asking her to use her to prevent such tragedies in future.

So the poor parents met Sonia Gandhi and pleaded and wept. They should have slapped her. Even that might not have worked (except landing them in jail). The hubris is too great in high places to check it's heady ride of power lust over such minor matters as the death of a poor person's small child.

 So, Manmohan Singh government's response - wash one's hands off, much like Pontius Pilate(remember Singh Saheb is otherwise a decent guy):

The Centre on Saturday sought to delink the death of a 8-year-old injured boy with the security arrangements for Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's visit here and asked Uttar Pradesh government to hold a high-level probe into the incident and fix responsibilities for it. 

---- snip - snip -----------------

(Union Minister)Jaiswal said if Aman was seriously injured, the local police administration should have ensured an alternative route to take him to a hospital or if this was not possible police should have transported the boy in their own vehicle.

 But wait a minute! The latest death(murder?) happened in Delhi and Delhi police is run by the central government -which means the Home Minister and the Prime Minister. So why didn't the Delhi police take Union Minister Jaiswal's months old advice and make arrangements to take Anil Jain to hospital?

But that is a rhetorical question. We all know why -because they don't give a shit. The police would rather be a lapdog of the VIPs than be a helper to the citizens. VIPs like it that way. Meanwhile we shall go on footing the bill of these moral monsters.

Welcome to the Indian democracy.


A serial killer(s) is/are stalking India's streets. Who will be the next victim?

The killer(s) is/are high and mighty.
No one dare name him/them.
No one dare touch him/them.

Now wouldn't this make a nice film script!


So because this gentleman(?) had to give a speech somewhere and bask in accolades three person are dead. Since Sonia and Manmohan (or Chacha Manmohan S Gandhi, as Sauvik Charavarti delightfully calls the duo) claim to weep so much for the aam aadmi(common man), an enquiry has been ordered. Again!

It was gracious of them to do so since they are so busy blowing off thousands of crores (hundreds of billions) on some Nehru-Gandhi-Rajiv-Indira yojna(scheme).

But that is a mere formality -it's not as if they are going to arrest Manmohan or the commissioner of Delhi police. If these two are not responsible then who is? I would throw the home minister in too. Arrest the three and charge them with some form of homicide. Only then can we expect these high and mighty to have even a bit of actual concern for the common man instead of some pitiful crocodile tears.

Notice the nature of their concern for the aam admi -

1)  First loot the aam aadmi (taxes, inflation)
2)  then distribute that loot among thieves(politicians,bureaucrats,contractors,the politically connected) while sanitizing it by calling it some scheme for the poor etc,
3) but when an aam aadmi is actually dying and needs help  -then the official response is :

Pardon me, I'm not a vulgar person but this bit of obscenity seems appropriate.

Chacha Manmohan S Gandhi's heart(is it one or two?) bleeds for the aam aadmi, we are told. But it is the aam aadmi who actually, literally bleeds for them.


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