Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hindi media catches on to Pachaurigate

The fire has now spread to the local press. The first reports from the Hindi media are in and surprisingly they are all pretty straightforward. I suspect the instinctive bias and the protect-our-nation's-hero kind of vews(news slanted with views or vice-versa)will kick in a day or two as the initial shock wears.

Here they are(I have translated the headlines only)-

Patrika.com -"Serious allegations against Pachauri"

Webduniya -"Pachauri accused of making money out of companies"

NDTV Khabar -"Pachauri accused of making money out of carbon companies"

Interestingly, NDTV Khabar is part of the NDTV media empire that likes to tomtom itself as greener than thou.It has a separate media division NDTV Green where R.K.Pachauri plays an important role. NDTV organizes bollywood dance shows it calls  greenathons where money collected is used to buy solar-powered CFL lamps for Indian villages with no access to electricity. I suppose a greenathon to build a power plant is a bit too much.And against Pachauri's principles too,perhaps.

Dainik Jaagran -"Pachauri's competence and honesty challenged"

Navbharat Times, one of the best known Hindi dailies, has a small paragraph tagged to the bottom of an article on Copenhagen- "Pachauri accused of making money"

Lets see if the fire continues to spread or if the Indian media gives it the climategate treatment -nothing to see, get lost!


Prashant said...

Indian media is bipolar. The ones "owned" by the secular-socialist parties will come to Pachauri's defence. This includes "The Slimes of India", Hindustan Times, Indian Express (surprise!) and all Hindi and English news channels.

All of them had blacked out this scam, like the telecom scam of last year. Now they will promptly attack those who dare to question Pachauri sahib.

Original comment date- 2009-12-22. See here- http://libertynewscentral.blogspot.com/2012/01/drudgery-of-importing-haloscan-comments.html