Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Skeptics are saving millions of lives

Delhi Commonwealth Games, we are told,are to be 'greenest' sporting event ever-
Indian authorities organizing the 12-day meet have just announced a series of measures to offset the carbon footprint that the event will generate.

Delhi state Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit, while unveiling an 'ecological code' for the Games, said numerous initiatives like plantation of saplings, waste management and measures to ensure energy efficiency are being taken by her government to mitigate the carbon footprint of the event.

The 'Delhi Ecological Code' targets to make the event the first carbon consumption neutral games, by taking various environment friendly measures like reducing energy, to monitor and minimize the polluting impact of the sporting event by ensuring a reduction in carbon emissions and focusing on clean fuel, waste management and water conservation.

According to the Chairman of the Organizing Committee Suresh Kalmadi the Delhi games will be the "first carbon consumption neutral games" in the history of sporting events.

Nearly 150,000 tons of carbon foot-print is expected to be generated during the October 3-14 meet which will be attended by athletes from the erstwhile British ruled nations.

What a farce! This reminds me of a fat slob who chomps away at an extra large pack of fries after he has had a couple of shakes and a few burgers - and he thinks he can melt it all away by stretching a leg or two the next morning!

If the planet is so in peril from all the eveeeel CO2(which is still the official Indian position) -then why organize games at all? It makes no sense. Why add more poison rather than reducing it -and feel good by saying that we aren't adding as much as others? It's absolutely ridiculous.

But who said faith is rational? Devotees of the Global Warming religion by their daily actions prove that it is a faith -and not science as they claim.

Communism was supposed to be scientific too.And how many tens of millions perished in that 'scientific' experiment? It is only a rugged band of much-maligned skeptics who are keeping such experiments from repeating, this time in the name of saving the planet.