Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Climategate Timeline -what happened when

Mohib Ebrahim has now published an updated edition of his now famous Climategate Timeline, "providing graphs, e-mails, history, and analysis of events".

Jo Nova-

This is One Spectacular Poster of ClimateGate Covering 3 Decades

You have to see this up close to believe it. Look up close and admire the detail while you despair at how long science has been going off the rails. To better appreciate the past and what was exposed by the CRU emails, the Timeline chart consolidates and chronologically organizes the information uncovered and published about the CRU emails by many researchers along with some related contextual events. That the chart exists at all is yet another example of how skilled experts are flocking in to the skeptics’ position and dedicating hours of time pro bono because they are passionately motivated to fight against those who try to deceive us.
It is available for download from Jo Nova's site. Jo is, as you may be aware, herself justly famous for her Skeptics Handbook.