Monday, February 8, 2010

Pachauri- money grubbing pompous ass

 Why am I not surprised?

The Sunday Telegraph(yes,from the same story)-

A former employee who spent two years at Teri said Dr Pachauri was continually concerned about funding.

At every single meeting I attended in two years, the only topic was funding,” she said.

The ex-employee gave a fascinating insight into the workings of the institute. When Dr Pachauri, who is described on his personal website as “an international statesman promoting climate change awareness”, marked his birthday a few years ago, the staff were shown a homemade video of their boss’s life story.

“I was appalled when they showed a 10-minute film on Pachauri,” said the
ex-employee. “It showed Pachauri as an infant, Pachauri as a toddler, Pachauri at school, Pachauri playing cricket, Pachauri getting married. It was all about ‘Pachauri the Great’ and his achievements.”