Sunday, February 7, 2010

New,better global warming solution found

And it is this-

Varanasi holds fire ritual to prevent global warming

   A large number of devotees have participated in a Maha Yajna, a major sacred fire ritual, here in the holy city of Uttar Pradesh, organized to seek divine intervention to prevent global warming.

In the specially prepared 101 fire pits, 62 Himalayan herbs have been used, as part of the yajna ceremony. The religious ritual has been performed amidst chanting of Vedic Shlokas (verses) by priests while a large number of devotees joining them in the recitation of Shlokas.

"...Yajna is a part of worship of Lord Vishnu and this ritual will help overcome all types of pollutants prevalent in the atmosphere," said DP Sharma, the organiser.

It is believed that the smoke emitted from the burning herbs destroys carbon dioxide.

"These types of Yajnas are being carried out at the national level. I think we can repair the ozone layer' hole in the atmosphere through such yajna. We can purify the polluted atmosphere," said Amita Dubey, a devotee

Compare this 'solution' to the one proposed(nay,demanded) by the IPCC:

IPCC SOLUTION-  cost in many, many trillions; will effectively set back the Western economies by a century or two(which is the real goal of the collectivists that make up the global warming bandwagon).

VARANASI SOLUTION- a pathetic pittance.

IPCC SOLUTION- no or negligible effect on the climate.

VARANASI SOLUTION- no effect on the climate.

Scientific basis:
   Both based on faith.

The VARANASI SOLUTION wins! This is competition at work - the priests of the holy city have invented a product that is as good(or useless) as the one peddled by the IPCC but at a huge fraction of the cost.No wonder the IPCC honchos hate the free markets!