Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Does somebody have any oil money lying around?

We skeptics are supposed to be lavishly funded.Must be true since the great Jeffrey Sachs says so.
But I haven't seen a penny!

Exxon Mobil didn't give me a thing, not even a damn.
Neither did BP.
Even the local gas station('petrol pump' in India) flatly refuses free gas.

I feel cheated!

So, Steve, Anthony, Richard and other climate scoundrels- if you have not yet spent all your oil money on junkets to Copenhagen, Bali, Marrakesh, Kyoto, Bali again, Rio, PoznaƄ, Bonn, The Hague, Bangkok,New DelhiBarcelona, Vienna, Buenos Aires, Milan,-could you share some of the ill-gotten loot with me?

P.S. - can we thieves mine Indian Oil too? Maybe Pachauri can help.