Monday, June 6, 2011

Whose money and face is the blackest -Congress or Ramdev?

Congressi big mouth Digvijay Singh-

Senior Congress leader, Digvijay Singh on Monday said yoga guru Baba Ramdev should prove that money used to make his ashram is not black money and tax has been paid on it.

Ironical in the extreme. And that itself is an understatement. Which gangs organizations need huge mountains of black money to function at all -political parties! And the Congress party has been the premier party since forever. It is doubtful if any individual or corporate could have consumed as much black money as the Congress has over its history.

Not only that -the black money used by the political parties is of the worst kind. It is unearned, quid pro quo and of course criminal but not just because there is a law against it. It is the blackest money.

Yes, there is black money, there is blacker money and then there is the blackest money.
This needs some explaining as there is a lot of confusion regarding black money.

Black money at root is simply wealth that has escaped paying the cut demanded by the government. Which by itself does not make it immoral. Unlawful, yes, immoral, no.

Types of black money on the scale of immorality

 Let us take the main examples of black money and we shall be able to perceive the differences in 'immorality' -

1) Black Money - You expend sweat and tears to earn a living for your family, to keep them off poverty. Say your tax liability is 15,000/- but you pay 13,000/- and decide that that 2000/- you unlawfully keep is better spent on your mother's medical bills than on the foreign junket of a creep minister or become infinitesimal part of a giant scam. And there are many such scams. You have no faith that the government will spend wisely your hard earned money and not, like thieves, divide it among corrupt politicians and their boot-licking bureaucrats and politically favored contractors.

You are a criminal now and you have black money. And there are millions of 'criminals' like you.
But you earned your money. You produced wealth.
Who can call you immoral? Not me.

2 )  Blacker Money - this is simply loot. Money stolen, extorted by thugs and criminals doing criminal things like burglary, bank dacoity, things that mafiosi do etc. Nothing complicated about it. Obviously, very high on the immorality scale.

3) Blackest Money -  this is the loot of the worst kind because it is looted by those who are the custodians of the law. From the lowest corrupt sarkari peon to the bribe taking traffic inspector to the corrupt Commissioner of police to the dishonest joint secretary to the minister in spotless white clothes but with a lot of filth inside to the 'decent' prime minister who knows all but does nothing.The amount of wealth looted in corruption is huge. It is ENORMOUS.

Add to that the HUGE amount of illegal funds collected, extorted by the political  parties from corporates etc, often as exchange for later favors.  The very functioning these parties depends on such criminality. And yet they lecture us, harangue us, rule us, control us, loot us - while dressed in impeccable, well creased and starched whites.

They did not 'earn' all this loot. They created no wealth. They consumed what others produced. Like parasites that they are.

This is the Blackest Money and the politicians and the bureaucrats have it in truckfuls.

There is no reason not to consider political parties as criminal gangs since their very existence as viable power seekers depends upon large scale criminality.
On my scale of immorality, this ranks the highest.

Thus, we implore Diggie Singh to dig a little and tell us-

Who has the most black money - Baba Ramdev(even if he has any) or the Congress Party - and whose is the blackest?

Kiska mounh jada kaala hai?*

*The colorful Indian language translator-

      Kiska mounh jada kaala hai?  - Who has the blackest face (i.e. is the most disgraced) ?