Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Monster Singh

Is there a heart under that blue turban?

In his first comments on the issue, the Prime Minister Singh, who has been accused of mishandling the situation, said, "It is unfortunate that operation had to be conducted but quite honestly, there was no alternative."

No alternative to a 1 a.m. surprise assault on peaceful citizens protesting corruption for which his party, the Congress, has historical responsibility?
No alternative to senseless(OK, not senseless -it was to save the Congress) beatings of all including women? No alternative to misbehaving with old women?
No alternative to sheer state brutality?
No alternative to unleashing his dogs on the public?

There was, of course, an alternative - to let the peaceful protests go on

 At no time did Baba Ramdev and his supporters threaten to become violent. If there was a problem of space and disruption of traffic then they could have been given the sprawling lawns of India Gate, the traditional place for protests in Delhi. There was simply no reason for this 'crackdown' as if the protesters were criminals and were creating a law and order problem. Law and order problem was actually created by the police atrocities themselves with their criminal assault.

But, irony of ironies, the Congress party claims to be the heir of Gandhi. They are, actually. Both literally and symbolically the heirs of another Gandhi - Emergency Indira. Like a scorpion cannot change its character and will bite the Congress cannot shed its repressive heritage. It's in gene and blood. OK, the blood is ours.

Manmohan Singh -Other than that he is quite decent

Remember the narrative the media has fed us for years - how Manmohan Singh is a decent man, very sharif(honest), incorruptible, so nice. But power corrupts all and only fools and media persons(I repeat myself) could have believed that under that blue pug(turban) beat a tender heart.

No, there is just dark, cold vacuum.

Update -
     Hemant Shah left the folowing comment to this article in The Hindustan Times -

Prime Minister Mao Tse Singh, I agree with your decision. There was no alternative to Ramlila Ground atrocity. Just like there was no alternative to Tiananmen Square excesses or Jalianwala Baag massacre.

You gotta do what you gotta do!