Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Digvijay Singh's crime is greater than that of Sushil Kumar

When Baba Ramdev said on being forcibly expelled from the Indian capital that Delhi kissi ke baap ke nahin hai (Delhi does not belong to anybody's father), his vernacular encapsulated the sheer arrogance with which the political elite struts over this city. For the feudal Congressi, Delhi is his fief. He moves about in bullet-proofed cars protected by ferocious looking commandos(breaking speed limits and other traffic laws)as we serfs strive in desperation to move our inconsequent selves out of the way. He is surrounded by taxpayer paid domestics(aka senior officials) who 'yes,sir' him 24/7 and would gladly lick not only his boots but his ass at a mere hint. So, who can blame them if the politicians believe they are our masters and not servants. In the system created by Nehru and perpetuated by his descendants, they are.

Have a look at today's example -

  Man Tries To Hurl Shoe At Congress Leader Janardan Dwivedi

High drama was witnessed at the AICC headquarters here today when a person posing as a journalist tried to attack party General Secretary Janardhan Dwivedi with a shoe, apparently miffed over the treatment meted out to Swami Ramdev.

The person, who was carrying an identification as Sunil Kumar of Nav-Sanchar Patrika from Jhunjhnu, Rajasthan, came close to Dwivedi, removed his shoe and stopped short of hitting him with it.

The middle-aged man, wearing a striped T-shirt, was heard telling Dwivedi that "you cannot stop us from asking questions."

The man was immediately caught by the a AICC staffer and some journalists and was removed from the briefing hall while being beaten up. He was then taken away by police.

 Video -

While being beaten up? By who? Congressi chamchas(sycophants) and toadies? Isn't beating up anyone a crime? Not in the Capital of the Compassionate Congress Cukoo land. 

Any senior leaders around who tried to stop this gross violation of the law?
Well, Digvijay Singh ,with all his sobriety and high-mindedness was there. So what did he do?
He joined in!

Why wouldn't he? A commoner had to be punished for his effrontery. Saale, maalik ko joota dikhata hai! (Bastard, how dare you show a shoe to your master?!)

Digvijay Singh assaults Sushil kumar

Video - Digvijay Singh takes law into his own hands(or feet)

Digvijay Singh Kicked Assailant Sunil Kumar

 Congress workers and some mediapersons overpowered the assailant Sunil Kumar at the party headquarters today, a furious party general secretary Digvijay Singh was shown on video footage kicking him thrice, as the man was lying on the ground.

The video clearly showed that Digvijay was very angry with the act of the assailant, who had tried to hit party general secretary Janardhan Dwivedi with a shoe.

Digvijay Singh was sitting inside his room in the party headquarters when the shoe incident took place, rushed out into the corridor near the press conference venue and kicked at Sunil kumar, lying on the floor, with his leg thrice.

The assailant was later taken outside and bundled into a police jeep to be taken to Tughlak Road police station.

Diggie usually implants both his feet in his mouth but today he used them to take law in his hands. It's OK, law hamare baap ka maal hai (is our father's property), we can do anything.

 Now compare the two crimes-
1) Sushil Kumar - impersonating, threatening violence with a shoe but not actually getting violent
2) Digvijay Singh and Congress toadies -actual physical assault on a person which could have(or perhaps have) resulted in injuries and even serious injuries.

Whose crime is greater?
And who was picked up by Chidambram's(India's home minister and a Nehru-Gandhi cutlery piece) palace guards aka Delhi police?

But who cares? Law, they say, is an ass and those who are supposed to keep it are, we have all seen, assholes.