Saturday, June 4, 2011

Bugger! The Climate Change won't let you fight Climate Change

Climate Change is now behaving like those clever internet viruses that once they enter your computer will disable any anti-virus active. You are left without tools to fight it.

The  anti-virus of Global Warming is 'renewable' energy - you know like those giant landscape blighting, "bird-chomping, bat-crunching, taxpayer-fleecing monstrosities" aka windmills. But what good are they without .... wind?

Wind farms: Britain is 'running out of wind'

Despite the freak gales that battered parts of the country last week, climate experts are warning that many of Britain’s wind farms may soon run out of puff.

According to government figures, 13 of the past 16 months have been calmer than normal - while 2010 was the “stillest” year of the past decade.

Meteorologists believe that changes to the Atlantic jet stream could alter the pattern of winds over the next 40 years and leave much of the nation’s growing army of power-generating turbines becalmed.

The Coalition has drawn up plans to open more wind farms in an effort to meet Britain’s European Union target of providing 15 per cent of its energy from renewable sources by 2020.More than 3,600 turbines are expected to be installed in offshore wind farms over the next nine years.

But statistics suggest that the winds that sweep across the British Isles may be weakening. Last year, wind speeds over the UK averaged 7.8 knots (8.9mph), a fall of 20 per cent on 2008, and well below the mean for this century, which stands at 9.1 knots (10.5mph).

And what on earth could be the cause?

Usually Britain has warm, wet and windy winters, thanks to Caribbean air carried here by the Atlantic jet stream, a fast-flowing current of air.

But the last two winters have featured exceptionally low temperatures and were remarkably still when they should have been the windiest seasons of all, as high pressure diverted the jet stream from its normal position.

You know, those frigid winters that were blamed by such eminent experts as Monbiot on Climate Change. The devil! I mean the Climate Change and not Monbiot. A devious creature indeed (again not Monbiot. There is no reason for confusion, is there?).

Bugger! The Climate Change won't let you fight Climate Change. There is no hope now and our only solace would be, as we wait to fry slowly, to languish in the comfort of a 20 room mansion (not including 8 bathrooms) like Al Gore has or fly like crazy across the world (even if that would kill the planet sooner. Its gonna die anyway,ain't it?) like the disgraced IPCC chairman R.K.Pachauri or drown our woes over a few bottles of the choicest something at some exotic location similar to the ones where the UN holds its climate conferences.

Al Gore's super mansion - What global warming?

On the other hand, from the same article there is this-

Meteorologists have found that the position of the jet stream has been influenced by the lower levels of activity on the Sun. This decline in sun-spot activity is expected to continue for the next 40 years, with potentially serious consequences for the viability of wind farms.

Even a monkey has enough common sense to wonder after reading the above that if the sun can cause serious change in wind then just maybe it can cause that teeny-weenie apparent change in global temperatures that has the climate scientists and their poodles in the press in such a panic.

From which we learn that the climate experts are not monkeys - and if they are, they are a rare breed . Simians without rational thought.