Monday, June 6, 2011

It takes balls to thrash innocents -Delhi Police has them in depotful

Leader of the ferocious dog squad unleashed on the unsuspecting and peaceful protesters, Dharmendra Kumar, Special CP (Law and Order), tries to 'explain' away the allegations of atrocities. 'Explain' is perhaps not the right word as he is not interested in taking questions. Just watch it for a spectacle of sheer hubris. Our masters are dripping in such contemptuous arrogance, from 10, Janpath Road* down to the lowest beat constable(who is low and adept at beating innocents like street vendors).

Power made me God

Video. Original link.

Dripping in arrogance, yes, but not drop of sympathy in that drip for what his goons did-

The injured Mr Sibal could not find

Tehelka was the first media network to reach Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Hospital in New Delhi to find out the condition of the injured in the late-night police action against Baba Ramdev’s supporters at a time when the government alleged that no serious injuries had been reported.

The reporter Revati Laul was speaking with the injured when the Chief Medical Officer of the hospital asked her to leave, despite the fact that the injured wanted to give testimonials of the police brutality they faced. Tehelka photographer Naveesh Tejpal was not allowed inside the hospital building with his camera. Therefore, the correspondent had to take these pictures on her mobile phone. They serve as evidence of police brutality. One woman, Rajbala, is critically injured with multiple fractures to her spine and all four limbs paralysed; two others have got serious head injuries. More than 60 people who were injured were admitted to this hospital.

Sunil Kumar at the LNJP Hospital. He got skull fracture. He claims that the police blocked most exits of the Ramlila Maidan

Ravindar Singh from Himachal Pradesh. He is injured in the head and stomach. He says he became victim of the police cane-charge

Cane-charge that according to Kumar didn't happen?! Lying rascal! (I mean the scoundrel feigning injuries and not Kumar who is a saint)
 Catch more here by Tehelka's reporter  Revati Laul. She showed courage to find some of the missing injured. However that pales in comparison to the balls required to thrash unarmed civilians, most of them just woken from sleep at 1 a.m, with a police force over 5000 strong.

Bravo, Dharmendra Kumar, you deserve a medal and it is probably being minted at the backyard of  10, Janpath Road.

*   10, Janpath Road  -The residence of Sonia Gandhi, India's de-facto mistress.