Friday, July 31, 2009

Just in time for the dark hour..

earth hour delhi hindi

We had about one and a half hours of power cuts today. The problem of scarce power, especially at the peak of scorching summer is an old one - and one that our benevolent welfare state has not been able to solve in over sixty years. Must be rocket science.

On top of that we have a chief minister who likes to impose the latest environmental fads double-quick on the hapless residents of Delhi.One such idiocy is the Earth Hour -which we shall be "celebrating" 4 times a year!

Click on read more to view the English version of this cartoon below

earth hour delhi eng

update -Some Hindi spellings(I'm not famous for them) cleaned up

Ooops- more cleaning up to do in both Hindi and English spellings! Replaced both the images as I had written "Liberation" instead of "Libertarian" . A freudian slip, perhaps, as the liberation (of body and spirit) from the coercion of others is the essence of libertarianism.