Thursday, July 30, 2009

"Culture of Corruption" goes to the top

Michelle Malkins’s Culture of Corruption: Obama and His Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks, and Cronies is currently no.1 on the Amazon best seller list.

Culture of Corruption: Obama and His Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks, and Cronies

A refreshing change from the Obama-poodle media(I call it embedded media –embedded too deep in their messiah’s ass to see daylight), she pulls no punches. Soundbites from her appearance on the "Today" show-

MALKIN: Well I think he is a racial opportunist and I think that he has learned that he shouldn't shoot his mouth off when he explicitly admits that he didn't know what happened.

LAUER: A racial opportunist?


LAUER: He hasn't gotten to where he is today by being a racial opportunist, has he?

MALKIN: I think that he took that moment, used a health care conference that was a debacle, basically and took this story, which is really just a local parochial law enforcement story, to try and ensure some sort moment of his racial authenticity. And it backfired because he was wrong and he should have admitted it. And I think for a president that has offered up hope and change and a new politics is just another example. I wouldn't say that there is another example of corruption, but I think it is, I think it, it, it plays into this idea that a man who has hyped himself as something different and something new is nothing but that.

LAUER: You, you, you conclude all of that based on one mistake he made, in terms of a comment he made?

MALKIN: One mistake? Oh!

LAUER: I'm talking this comment. This particular comment-

MALKIN: It, it, no-

LAUER: -sets that entire scenario up for you?

MALKIN: No, I, I think it's clear that, that was a calculated move. Everything that this president does is Kabuki theater. Every townhall-


MATT LAUER: Let me ask you about your book. In it -- I mean clearly we know by the co-, we know by the title where it goes – you take on Michelle Obama-

MICHELLE MALKIN: I certainly do.

LAUER: -in this book. You call her the "First Crony."

MALKIN: Yes I do.


MALKIN: Because she was steeped in the politics of the Daley machine. Her father was a patronage appointee of Daley. She's beholden to the type of hardball politics that Barack Obama says he is against. Her entire professional career was based on nepotism. And now she has brought almost every-


DSYLEXIC said...

malkin really? the one who called ron paul a nut?. we have heard better.since when did fox noose analysts become conservative in the true sense. she is just a hack like krugman on the other side

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