Sunday, July 26, 2009

Everything is caused by global warming, part 4

This sort of irrationality has now become all too common-
On the "Deadliest Catch" home page is this link: SEA ICE SCIENCE...New! Is global warming changing the Bering Sea? Get the answers now. Curious for the answers, I clicked the link which brought me to Bering Sea Ice: Science Q&A by Helen Fields. The Q&A presents overwhelming evidence that the Bering Sea has been getting colder lately. The conclusion: global warming. Amazing.
It makes you wonder -has the notion of "global warming" made idiots out of many or is it that being idiots they sincerely believe in  the anthropogenic global warming? Reminds one of the tale about Ghalib and mangoes-
“One day, as Ghalib was feasting on mangoes, a nobleman with his donkey came to meet him. The donkey walked towards the mango skin lying on the ground, smelt it and just walked away. The nobleman taunted, ‘Gadhe bhi aam nahin khaate (Even donkeys don’t eat mangoes).’ Ghalib retorted, ‘Gadhe hi aam nahin khaate (Only donkeys don’t eat mangoes).’”
(Note- there are also other versions of this story floating around)