Monday, July 27, 2009

An appeal to Adi Godrej –and some questions for him

A while back industrialist Adi Godrej was on UTVi spouting some green gibberish, the kind that most industrialists now mouth as a ritual. He believes he and his companies are taking steps that will do something about, among others, climate change.

That got my pea-brain in a ferment. Mr.Godrej is apparently an intelligent man –one must assume that since he is (apparently) efficiently running a huge business empire. Were he to put (tens or hundreds)millions in a venture, one presumes that he would thoroughly vet the project, deeply study the ins and outs, make sure that the his information is absolutely correct.

Yet, when it comes to climate change/global warming(take your pick), one wonders why such a thorough person does not ask –where is the evidence? Which study/studies prove man-made global warming?

If he has asked these question and has satisfied himself that the man-made climate change is a fact, then it is I who has some questions for him-

1) If the CO2 emitted by the humans is causing global warming, then why has the globe not warmed since 2001(in fact it has been cooling) despite skyrocketing amounts of CO2 being pumped into the atmosphere?

Explain this,Mr.Godrej-



2) There is no study that proves man-made global warming.That IPCC says it is not a proof –that is an argument from authority(And IPCC doesn’t do any research of it’s own). If you know of one, please let us humble folks know.

3)The computer models the IPCC relies on to come up with frightening future scenarios cannot even explain the past temperatures, neither did they predict the cooling of this decade –but you depend upon them to accurately reflect the future ones.

It is fair to say that “the only place where CO2 is causing temperature increase is in the IPCC computer models, models which are deeply flawed and not subject to open review.


These are just a few questions –there are many, many others. I wish you and other super-rich dudes who like feeling good by taking up “green” causes would read, for a start, Joanna Nova’s The Skeptics Handbook. We look up to people like you and it disappoints us when you join in the cause of the greenies who do not have the good of humanity in their hearts. If you don’t believe me ask the millions who have died of malaria since the banning of DDT by the environmentalists. Oh, wait, you cannot do that – they are dead(the people, not the environmentalists,I’m afraid).


The greenies are among capitalism’s deadliest enemies and it pains me to see that you consider yourself on their side. We are still a poor people while you, sir, are fabulously rich, like a caliph in a fairy tale. It is saddening to see you help the people and causes that will keep us impoverished.


Here is my appeal to you, sir -

do study the facts about climate change as efficiently and thoroughly as you would if you were setting up a new industry,factory or a venture.And then, and only then, tell us what you believe about climate change.

I have hope that you will see reason.