Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Everything is caused by global warming, part 1

Everything is caused by global warming-

(from Andrew Bolt):

Global warming is intensifying the monsoon in Central India, according to a study that warns of increasing risk from heavier rains during the season.


Each year, millions of farmers in India hope and pray for the right kind of monsoon rains to help grow their crops. But it’s believed climate change is delaying the onset of the monsoon - threatening crops and pushing up the prices of basic foods. .

I think we can have a standard template where one can put in just anything in the blanks, say-

Manisha Koirala had become very obese due to global warming.
She has now lost much weight. Her weight loss was caused by climate change.

You get the idea. Now children, fill up the blanks in your own words. The most alarming one will get a prize.Really scary enough and it might even fetch the clever student a Nobel prize. You may copy from the notes of Rajendra and Al -our finest pupils.

Update - some links fixed