Sunday, November 29, 2009

Pachauri gets some stick

R.K.Pachauri is used to being treated reverentially by the media the world over.But the stick that is getting from online commentators now is unprecedented, though I suspect it will get much worse.

In response to Climategate he gave out a statement that completely skirts the major issues - just like a politician or a  government functionary would (Pachauri is a government appointee).Deny everything.Question the motives of the critics.

Over at the Dot Earth blog(whose author Andrew Revkin himself is a side character, an important one though, in the scandal) Pachauri is being excoriated in the comments.

A sample -
WIth all due respect, Dr. Pachauri just doesn't get it. Consensus and peer-review are part of the problem, since they can both be co-opted (as demonstrated)


How does Dr Pachauri spell "naive", "hide the decline" and "scientific fraud"? Such bureaucratic baloney will not save the day for the IPCC.

Dr. Pachauri has used a lot words to say very little. There are not tens of thousands of climate scientists involved in the IPCC, the number is relatively small and a few key players, like in all enterprises of this sort play a dominant role. Many of those are among the players in the disclosed e-mails.

As the author of several documents about the IPCC (see I can say that Pachauri is being "economical" with the truth.
As for Pachauri's closing comment ...comprehensive, unbiased, open to the identification of new literature, and policy relevant but not policy prescriptive.", if there's one honest statement there I can't find it.

The Russians had Stalin - and TD Lysenko.

The Chinese had Mao - and the Lost Generation.

Western Science has this mess. I'm just glad the second-rate intellects from third-rate institutions (or is it the other way around) have begun to be found out.

Heh, heh...