Friday, November 6, 2009

Hergé on climate change?

 Hergé drew a delightful series of comic strips on a couple of urchins named Quick & Flupke which were later published in form of 12 albums.

Going through one of these albums,Two of a Kind, this one story made me wonder -was Hergé making a veiled statement on the dangers of climate change? Or was he making fun of all those global warming alarmists that have now proliferated more extensively than rabbits?

 (click for larger image)

 Observe - the climate change in the comic is 'cooling'. The stories were published in the 1930's and 40's. Till 1940 the planet is supposed to have warmed(a time when CO2 emissions were low). It then cooled till early 1970's (even though the CO2 emissions were rising rapidly) then warmed again and then has cooled ever since 2001 forcing even the BBC(the Pravda of Global Warmingism) to sit up and take notice.

All of which makes me go -hmmm........

To our good fortune the series has been reprinted in India by EuroBooks India.