Saturday, November 28, 2009

Heads at the Hindustan Times go deeper into sand

It is now day 7 and the Hindustan Times still refuses to report on the Climategate scandal. Those heads in sand are going deeper.

I have sent a second email to the concerned addresses at the HT(no response to the first sent yesterday).The email is as follows-

Dear gentlemen(and ladies) of the press,

it is now 7 days after the exposure of Climategate and you still have not reported on it. Not one word. Not even a whitewash.

I don't think silence is a good option - nor is pretending that nothing happened.
Don't you think the readers of the Hindustan Times deserve to be informed of something so significant?
When can we expect some straight reporting -not spin -on the subject?

cheers and regards,

It was sent to-,,,

Will publish any response if received.

Let's see if they continue to be dishonestly silent or if they can be shamed into doing the right thing -reporting facts in an unbiased manner.

Andrew Bolt could very well be speaking of the Indian media as he castigates the Australian one-

The mainstream media - with a handful of (conservative) exceptions - do not know what terrible damage they are doing to their credibility by ignoring or drastically downplaying the Climategate scandal. The story is out, a couple of million times over, on the Internet.

What do you think the people reading of this scandal there conclude when they then turn to, say, The Age or the ABC, and find there barely a word of coverage?

I’ll tell you: they’ll conclude that the media cannot be trusted to tell even the news, let alone the truth, when it conflicts with their agenda.